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Vitamin E Vitamin E

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Vitamin E



Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is mainly found in fats, and its richest sources are plant-based foods. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants - it’s not called the “youth vitamin” for nothing. It protects cells from the harmful effects of the environment, and also neutralizes free radicals.

This light-yellow oily liquid has anti-inflammatory properties and is an effective immunomodulator.

Vitamin E is a valuable ingredient in anti-ageing product and boosts cells’ production of collagen and elastin.

Why it’s good for your face

  • Vitamin E eliminates pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes
  • It nourishes and hydrates the skin and restores the water balance
  • Vitamin E lifts the face by improving skin tone and elasticity

Why it’s good for your hair

  • It prevents oxidation and keratin destruction
  • Vitamin E restores split ends and brittle and porous hair
  • It stimulates hair growth by repairing damaged hair follicles

Why it’s good for your body

  • Vitamin E protects skin cells from the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • It reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents the formation of scars and scar tissue
  • Vitamin E rejuvenates, nourishes, and hydrates all skin types


Individual intolerance.

Scientific evidence

[1] Vitamin E has been scientifically proven to be the main natural antioxidant that protects skin from the adverse effects of free radicals.


[2] In combination with Vitamin C, this vitamin is able to reduce the intensity of sunburns.


[3] Vitamin E is one of the most popular ingredients in over-the-counter anti-ageing skin care products. Most anti-ageing creams contain from 0.5 to 1% Vitamin E.


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